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Combining my 20+ years in corporate training & development with the newest research on the world of work, human performance, and a dash of psychology, these courses can help you build a career that you've only dreamed of!

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"Even if Kelli does not realize it, she gives so much, she encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, take a chance, and make a difference in our lives and others."

- Janet S., RN

Hi, I’m Kelli!

I'm a dynamic and passionate professional development trainer, training consultant, public speaker, podcaster, and business coach with 20+ in training and coaching across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. I work hard to develop complex ideas into engaging training content and deliver that content with an energetic and down-to-earth sensibility that gives my learners both the capability and motivation to progress.

For a taste of my approach to career training, check out my podcast, the Career Speakeasy: www.kellinottingham.com/podcast

I've had the honor of working with thousands of leaders at national conferences, in medical, corporate, and industrial environments, and collaborating with individuals to create and maintain lasting changes in their career and personal lives. I hold a BA from Duke University and an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, along with numerous professional certifications, including DDI (Development Dimensions International), True Colors, Change Cycle Management, and CTACC coach certification. Learn more about me at www.kellinottingham.com.